Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Diamond in the Rough

1The market is saturated with devotionals. What makes DITR any different?
A: You’re right - there are lots of devotionals out there, and you could be blessed and enriched by any, if not all, of them. But what makes Diamond in the Rough so different is that it focuses on you actively engaging in mining the depth of WHO YOU ARE in relation to who Christ is. The words “High Definition” used to only describe the clearer broadcast you’d receive when you switched from an analog to digital reception TV. Now the term HD is used to describe all sorts of things where you can get an increased or heightened perception out of something. Think of this devotional as HD for your spirit!
2Do I have to do the devotional for 40 days in a row?
A: Just like physical exercise, the greatest benefit comes from consistency. That would be my argument for committing to starting your day, or ending your evening (just 40 days out of a lifetime!) with this devotional. Of course, things come up, life happens, and there’s no condemnation for skipping a day, or three. I believe the habit of consistency allows us to reach a great momentum and gives us an opportunity to hear from God’s heart in a fine-tuned way.
3Can DITR be done as a group study?
A: Absolutely. In fact, we know of several outreach ministries who use this book as standard curriculum. We have also received word from others who initiated their own weekly women’s group study. They get together on Day 1 to discuss the Prologue, and meet weekly to discuss any special points or revelation they have received within that week’s time of study. If you are a ministry leader or part of a group that would like to do this as a study, please contact us for a bulk discount.
4Is this book useful for non-Christians?
A: This book was born out of a heart to know God intimately, and to speak with Him in a very specific way. With that said, the book’s content and emphasis may seem disjointed from someone who may be looking for something else. However, it can certainly be a ministry tool to the non-Christian, especially for those who have an interest or desire to know more about God. There is a salvation/rededication prayer at the end of the book. If you are thinking to give this to a non-Christian friend, please do so as you intercede for them!
5Can I purchase this book in bulk for my church or group?
A: Yes, and we would love to give you a generous discount for doing so. Just contact us directly.
6Is this book available in other languages?
A: At this point, Diamond in the Rough is also available in Japanese. If you would like to see this devotional in another language, please tell us!