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Special Update

Japanese version now available!

God has opened amazing doors to seeing Diamond in the Rough translated into Japanese! Now completed, this 40-day journey is available to all Japanese women to enjoy and to help them understand their unending value through Jesus Christ. If you would like to purchase charity copies or your own copy of Diamond in the Rough in Japanese, you can do so by clicking here to donate to JAPAN MISSIONS. Thank you!



As missionaries to Japan,

our hearts yearn for those in this nation to know the Living God and His great love for them. It may be easy to assume that since Japan is a prosperous, high-tech country that Christians and Christian resources abound. Truth is, this nation has sustained a less than 2% Christian population for over 400 years. You read that right  – 400 years! Resources are limited, and actually very few Christian books are translated into Japanese. Teaching materials, curriculum, discipleship resources – they are all desperately needed in order to help develop, train and strengthen Japanese Christians.



Your purchase and support

of Diamond in the Rough is helping to make this book available to Japanese women — women who need to know their value lies within Jesus Christ alone.  Please agree with us in prayer that the nation of Japan will experience an awakening to the gospel and the freedom found in Him.

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