From teens to grandmothers,
read what women (and a few men!)
are saying about DITR.



A trafficked survivor came into (our ministry) one day to say, “This journal saved my life today.”



This truly is a different kind of devotional. I love the easy to use format of daily Scripture, prayer, and reflection and journaling all related to that day's topic. The "Facets" section is concise but thought provoking.



This is one of the best devotional books I have ever read.



I strongly recommend people purchase this book. It will strengthen your relationship with God. When a person reads Diamond In the Rough, it can be a great foundation for journaling.



Last fall I was ministering to a young lady at church.  I decided to give her a copy of Diamond in the Rough, and I just noticed on her Facebook page that she posted a picture of the book on Day 26.  I was thrilled to see she is going through the devotions.



I just want to tell you what a deep and effective devotional Diamond in the Rough is. You are a very good teacher who uses a wide variety of scripture and you explain very well. Your strong faith shows so clearly. Sometimes when I read your thoughts from this book, I'm amazed at your wisdom.



Sorry. I ripped out page 35 of ur book!!  It is such a good prayer that I had to tape it on my bathroom mirror to pray every day.



I had to send this pic to you... This girl doesn't like to read... I'm always having to force her to read something. We are driving in the car & she picked up your book & hasn't put it down :) telling me everything she read.



Our women's ministry is going through the 40-day devotional during Lent, and we're practicing the spiritual discipline of fasting as we go through it. It's been a blessing to do the devotion while we fast because, as we are removing food/things from our flesh, we are being fed and filled spiritually. Even though we're only on day 4, several of the women have shared with me about the ways the scripture and declarations have spoken to their hearts. We shared our insights, accountability, prayed, and encouraged each other as we read our devotion together. I'm so excited for all the ways the Lord will be glorified through this study!